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Fashion Divabbits (snippets)
SeptemberAnchor 2016

Do you always stick to the blacks and grays simply because they are a safe option? Do you have that yellow top (see here) and (here) in your wardrobe that you have never worn just because you do not know how to pair it up with the right bottoms?

Mixing and matching colors to design a unique ensemble is a daunting task for many. However, it is not as complicated as it appears. Mixing colors or matching designs is a skill that can be learned. To make your dressing choices easier, we offer you the best tips to put together an outfit.

1. Color Wheel/Chart is an Indispensable Tool 

Remember ladies! Matchy-matchy is naff. Color coordination is the new it trend and by complimentary, we mean color contrasts like black and white. You have always heard that North and South attract each other, and the Color Wheel proves it practically.

Technically, it is all about balancing: yin and yang!
On a color chart, the colors that are equally spaced from the center complement each other perfectly. 

Smilarly, you can choosea color at the center of the color chart, say baby pink, and pair it up with a classy color on the outside of the color wheel, e.g. turquoise green, to create a fabulous look. 

2.    Dress by the Color Family

Jewel colors with jewel tones, whites with pastels, reds with warm tones, earth colors with antique shades, neutrals with neutral hues, etc. You get the gist! 

3.Throw some Shade

Get experimental and try to put together an outfit using various shades of the same color. You can always pair your cream colored dress (see here) with a classy cream colored handbag and a contemporary, pearl-studded neck choker. Take a hint from the color families and pair it up with high-heeled camel lace-up shoes to pull off a stylishly chic look.

4. Take a leaf out of Designers Catalogue

Did you ever notice how the designers design an entire look around a central piece or color?
Next time, if you cannot figure out how to pair up your off-the-shoulder asymmetric blouse (See here), turn to the catalog of your favorite designer. See how they match colors to create a fascinatingly charming ensemble. Take notes ladies! 

5. Plan your entire look around a center piece

Whether it is a gorgeous printed stole in blue or a classy embroidered orange and lemon shawl, you can always use the colors in the center piece to guide your ensemble. A simple way is to list down all the colors in descending order, from most used to the least used shades. Include the most used colors in the larger items like the uppers and bottoms of the ensemble while the accessories like shoes and jewelry should be in the least used colors. 

Take a hint from this post and match colors to come up with creative outfits that reflects the real you!
Until next time, remain blessed fashionistas and remember what you wear is such an expression of who you are.

Fashion Divabbits (snippets)
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  • Posted On October 02, 2016 by Jumoke Ayoola

    Very informative. Love it!

  • Posted On September 30, 2016 by Ayesha

    Nice one Divabby. You’ve helped some of us that colour blind and not adventurous due to this. Love it.

  • Posted On September 30, 2016 by Jane ojeme

    Beautiful article. Thanks for the color combination tips. Loving all the points I will definitely put them to use.

  • Posted On September 29, 2016 by Chisom Onwuji

    Beautiful ideas. A lot to learn. I will definitely put some of those color combinations. I’m going to throw in some shades and see how it works. I love it.

  • Posted On September 29, 2016 by Shade

    Nice. Helps alot to get the right combo. Keep up the good work Abby. Fashion and you, a great combo! Lol!

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